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All cutting done in our workshop- no mess in the home!

Special offer: Any worktop purchased from us entitles you to a 10% discount off either the worktop cutting prices or a free worktop measuring. *within a 5 mile radius

Cutting & Installation

Worktops are cut with a hand router and jig.

To personalise your countertop / worktops we use a hand router. After an initial consultation with you, we return to our workshop with your worktops and begin the process of re-sizing and shaping them to accomodate your kitchen and kitchen appliances.

Worktops are cut with a hand router and jig.

A jig is clamped securely in place over the worktop while the router is used to remove waste from the worktops to give them their required size and shape.

For corner joints, female and male worktop edges are created, these will later form seamless joints that are perfectly aligned. Bolt pocket holes can also be cut into the worktop.

All joints are a perfect fit.

We cut all laminate worktops. Check our prices and services for more information.